We’re looking forward to welcoming you to the Green Park Triathlon on 19th March! 

Please ensure your read these instructions carefully as they provide important information about the Green Park Triathlon 2014.  You can also look at the, more visual, competitor guide here: http://www.greenparktriathlon.co.uk/competitor-guide/

[Please note, that the Run Course in the visual Competitor Guide has had to be changed due to the flooding in the centre of the Park.  This will be updated shortly but, in the meantime, the new run course is described within these instructions.]


The event HQ is within Lime Square, Green Park, Reading, but car parking will this year be in 400 South Oak Way, RG2 6UL (over the road from the race site).  The Event Car Park will this year be marshalled by the Reading Matins Rotary Club who may ask you for a small donation – funds raised will go to Sport Relief and the Reading Matins Charities so please give generously.

From the car parking areas, it’s a three minute walk to Lime Square.


Our registration desks in our event marquee in the Centre of Lime Square and will be well signed from the car parking.

Registration on the morning will be open from 9.00am. We suggest you plan to arrive with enough time to register AN HOUR BEFORE your start time. Give yourself time to prepare, get kit ready, attend the compulsory briefing and be in position with time to spare.

Please register as soon as you arrive at Lime Square to collect your Race Pack.  This will include your race numbers, wrist bands, swimming cap and timing chip.

TIMING CHIP – Once you’ve been issued your timing chip, PLEASE DON’T LOSE IT! They will cost you £40 to replace.  The timing chip must be worn on the left ankle throughout the race.

WRIST BANDS – You will be issued with 3 wrist bands at registration.  One of these must go around your wrist, one is to be attached to your helmet, and one must be attached to the seat post of your bicycle.

RACE NUMBERS – You will be issued with two race numbers.  It is essential that on the bicycle leg, a race number is visible on your back at all times.  On the run leg, a number must be clearly visible on your front.  You are permitted to use a “race belt” and use just one number – twisting the belt around to display the number on the back for the cycle and the front for the run.

You will then be able to enter transition to drop off your bike and race kit.  Competitors only will be allowed into transition (no spectators). For security purposes, you may not take anything out of the transition area without the race number/wristband that matches the kit (i.e. your race number on your t-shirt must match the number on your bike).


It is compulsory to attend the briefing as it may contain important last minute information.  Briefings will take place every 30 minutes (on the hour and on the half hour) starting from 9.30am and will last around 10 minutes.  It’s your responsibility to allow time to attend the appropriate briefing for you. They will take place in or near the registration marquee (weather permitting!)


Start Times for those who registered up to 6th March can be found here http://www.greenparktriathlon.co.uk/start-times/.  The first swimmers in the Sprint will set off at 10:00am with the last starters in the Funathon starting at about 2:30pm.


The swim leg will be completed in the swimming pool within the Nuffield Health Gym.  Please be pool side 10 minutes before your designated start time; the timings for starts are precise so don’t be late!

Once pool side, one of our marshals will assemble you in the correct order and lane.  There will be four swimmers in each lane, and each will set off at 5 second intervals, continuing swimming in that lane until they have completed the race distance.  You’ll be seeded to be swimming amongst others of similar ability based on your predicted time, so you should be able to do your own thing.  If you do catch up another swimmer, or are caught up yourself, please don’t impede another participant.  When caught by a faster swimmer, the slower swimmer must move over at the end of the length to let the faster swimmer through.


As you exit the water, follow the signage out of the rear exit of the pool into the transition area.  It’s around 30m on tarmac to get to the transition area in the car park.  As soon as you exit the swim pool door, there will be a changing tent available for you to use to dry off and change clothing.

Choice of kit for the remainder of the event is up to you – ideally you’ll minimise the number of changes of kit you make throughout the event, so it’s worth wearing something in which you can comfortably cycle and run.

[At the perimeter of the Transition Area, the Relay Team Swimmer will pass their timing chip to the Relay Team Cyclist.  Only the Relay Team Cyclist will be permitted in the Transition Area.  The Handover point will be clearly marked and it is the Cyclist’s responsibility to be waiting in plenty of time before the swimmer comes out.]

You need to locate your bike in the transition area, and put on your helmet before you touch your bike. Cycle helmets are absolutely compulsory in this event, so don’t forget yours.  Once ready, grab your bike and leave transition following the ‘BIKE OUT’ signage.



The cycle course is 9km for the Funathon and 17km for the Sprint Triathlon. Heading out of the car park, you will turn right onto South Oak Way.  Before turning right, there is a compulsory FOOT DOWN where a marshal will ask you to stop for a few seconds if there is traffic blocking your exit.  It is mandatory to obey the marshals – if you do not, you may be disqualified from the race.  You will then proceed to the roundabout and turn right before completing either 3 laps (Funathon) or 6 laps (Sprint) of Green Park.  IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO COUNT YOUR OWN LAPS.

The roads are open to traffic for the cycle section of the event, so please adhere to the Highway Code and obey the marshals’ instructions.  They are there to help you to stay safe!

Once you have completed the correct number of laps for your event, turn back onto South Oak Way and head back into the Transition area at 250 South Oak Way.


Rack your bike in the same place you collected it from in transition.  DO NOT REMOVE YOUR BIKE HELMET UNTIL YOUR BIKE IS RACKED.

[The Relay Team Cyclist MUST rack their bike before running to the perimeter of the Transition Area to pass their timing chip to the Relay Team Runner.  This handover point will again be clearly marked so please familiarise yourselves with it prior to the start of your race.]

Once kitted out for the run section you should leave transition via the ‘RUN OUT’ signage.


The run course this year will follow exactly the same route as the bike course.  For the Funathon you will complete 1 lap and for the Sprint you will complete 2 laps.  Again, it is your responsibility to count your own laps.  You will run throughout on the gravel path next to the road throughout.

DO NOT RUN ON THE VERGES OR FLOWERBEDS – bulbs and plants have recently been planted around the park and any damage to these may result in us not being invited to organise the event next year.  Please be respectful and stick to the gravel paths.

At various points in the run course you will be required to cross roads which are open to traffic.  You will not have right of way so please follow the marshals instructions at all times and be mindful and respectful of any traffic.


Congratulations!  You‘ve completed the Green Park Triathlon!

As you finish, we’ll help you to remove your timing chip and you’ll be given your fantastic Green Park Triathlon medal and goody bag!


We’re incredibly grateful to the wonderful people of Nuffield Health and Green Park for allowing us to take over their venue for the morning. Thanks to them you’ll have use of the toilets, changing and shower areas within the health club (very near to the start/transition/registration).


Food and Drinks will be available from Zest and from Gather and Gather via their van Delphine in the square throughout the event.


We’ll have the fantastic team from One Physiotherapy around throughout the event to help you with your aches and pains. Pre and post event massage will be available.