ntownleyI can’t believe that we are in the 5th year of the Green Park Triathlon and for the first time I am taking a bit of a back seat on the organisation as I am not currently working in Reading and so I have left the event organisation in the capable hands of Andy Whitwell.

Naturally it is hard for me to keep away completely so I have registered to take part and will enjoy being a true competitor rather than a part time one as in previous years. I just checked the registration page and I counted 149 individuals or teams which I think puts us in good shape to smash last year’s record which was 222 (and 380 competitors overall).

It is amazing to see such a great uptake from our previous competitors so thankyou all for your continued support. I hope we can also spread the word to convince newbies to join us. Often the inhibitor is that when you ask someone if they will participate in a Triathlon the very mention of the name sends them running. They need not worry though as the event truly has something for everyone. We even had someone compete on crutches last year, so there really are NO excuses ; ) So if you are a previous years’ competitor and think the event is as amazing as I do, please try and convince a friend or colleague to sign up.

Anyway, I wish you all the best in your fundraising and I look forward to seeing you on the day. In the meantime be gentle with Andy and the rest of the volunteers who gallantly support this event alongside busy day jobs.

Nigel Townley (Founder of the Green Park Triathlon)



Mark Gale (Oracle) competing in the 2013 event