Happy New Year to everyone from the Green Park Triathlon Team!!  We hope you had an enjoyable and restful Christmas break.

We’re in the “New Year’s Resolution” season, and if yours is to commit to get fit and train for the Green Park Triathlon, the time to start is now!

The Official Green Park Triathlon Training Programme is now available to download from the “Training Sessions” page via the “Race” Tab.  For the third year running, Dom Dos Remedios, our resident British Triathlon Federation qualified coach, has compiled a series of training sessions designed to prepare you to race at your best on the 19th March.  In week 1, you’ll be eased back into training with some light 15-30minute swimming, cycling and running sessions (total training time in week one: 2 hours 10 minutes).  Your fitness will then gradually improve, and the length of the training sessions will increase, until you can regularly complete workouts of 60 minutes at a variety of speeds, and a total weekly training time of 4 hours, 30minutes.

In tandem with the Official Training Programme, we shall also be offerring a series of free training sessions with Dom at Nuffield Health on Green Park.  The first training session will be a cycle session in the spin studio on Tuesday 28th January.  Many thanks once again to the Team at Nuffield for making their facilities available to us!

If you have any questions on the training programme or the training sessions please contact Dom at dom@greenparktriathlon.co.uk.

Best of luck with your New Year Training and we look forward to seeing you out swimming, cycling or running soon!