If any of you out there are still considering taking part in this years Triathlon then there is 6 days to make up your mind.

Deadline for registering is 10PM 25th February 2015.

With under 2 weeks to go, three types of competitors could still consider entering the Triathlon.

1)  There is still scope for the first time ‘fun’ competitors entering as relay team consisting of 2 or 3 people.    The shorter Funathon distance of 200m swim (in the Nuffield Pool) followed by 9km cycle and then 3.5k run may be perfect for this kind of team so long as you’re not competing to win it doesn’t demand a lot of training, you just need to be healthy and want have fun doing it!
2) The serious Triathlete, if you are a competitor who have done Triathlon before then this is an excellent pre-season event to test out your winter training and again people can enter as a relay team or individuals.  The longer distance of 400m swim, 17km cycle and 6km run could be interesting.
3) The regular fitness athlete, for people who are in good shape and train regularly then they might want to give either distance event a go as the Green Park Triathlon is really a great friendly event for first timers to try out the challenge of Triathlon, again the team option makes this even more achievable.