Swim. Cycle. Run. All in the beautiful scenery of the Green Park

The event will be run on Green Park in Reading. We will be using Lime Square as the hub for race check-in and safety briefings. The address is Lime Square, Green Park, Reading, Berkshire, RG2 6UL.

Please be aware that the course is subject to change and whilst we make every effort to communicate any changes as far in advance as possible, due to weather/safety conditions the course may differ slightly to information below, however this will be in the pre-race briefing, which is why it is mandatory to attend this briefing.

The Swim

200m (10 lengths) / 400m (20 lengths)

The Nuffield Health pool will once again host the swim discipline this year. Competitors will be split into waves and each will set off in groups of four depending on their predicted swim times. There will be lap counters at the end of the pool keeping a beady eye on you to ensure you keep count of your laps!

Once you complete your swim, there will be marshalls to assist and guide you out the pool and on your way to T1!

The Cycle

18km (6 laps of GP) / 9km (3 laps of GP)

Out of T1 will see you head out on a big loop around the beautiful Green Park business park. 

As you can see from the blue markings on the pictured map, you will head out all the way around. Although they are private, the roads are still open to other traffic so all cyclists must obey the rules of the road. Be sure to take care on the roads and to listen to the race briefing for particular junctions where there will be penalties for any unsafe manoeuvres! 

Remember to count your laps as you go as you will be disqualified if you don't ride the correct amount of laps. See the athlete guide once available for tips on how to remember your number of laps. 

All cyclists MUST wear a helmet and have a bike. Get your bike checked before the race by our event sponsor who will be in the registration area. More information will be released in the athlete guide before the event.

The Run

5km (1 lap)/ 2.5km (2 laps)
the run

Once through T2 you will head out onto the run. We have tried to keep it as scenic as possible, cutting through the park and keeping to the paths all the way around. Again, be certain to listen into the pre-race briefing for special instructions on the day and you will, of course, have had a thorough read of your athelete guide before the day of the event!

Ensure you count your laps properly and save some for the big sprint finish into LimeSquare!

Transition Area

The "fourth" discipline of triathlon 


This delightful image gives you an idea of how the transition area is laid out. The main car park will have a section fenced off for our transition area and the transition in/out will be clearly marked.

There will be marshalls on hand to point you in the direction and give you a friendly cheer on your way by!